“What’s that transvestite blokes name? From the Rocky Horror? Dr Frank-N-Furter, that’s him. Yeah he was probably the most fun to play. But jeez, in over 30 years of theater I’ve pretty much played them all: Inspector Clouseau was fun, so were the Rowan Atkinson characters. It’s been good, the acting; helps explore different parts of myself.

Same with the painting. My missus saw that a class was starting in town and said I should try to get into it. I couldn’t at first but eventually a spot opened up. I’ve come and gone with the painting. I’ll leave it alone for a few years and then come back to it.

I’m a panel beater by trade. Can’t you tell by my car? I reckon the yoga helps with that. I can bend and get down to the floor on a few jobs that the bloke I work with can’t – I reckon that’s because of the regular Saturday morning yoga. I really miss it if I can’t get to a session.

I suppose I am a bit unconventional for a conservative place like Molong, and there are some that judge. But how’s the saying go? ‘The people who mind don’t matter and the people who matter don’t mind.’

Yeah I’m Molong born and bred and I reckon I’ll die here. Don’t like the big places. Orange and Bathurst are too busy. This’ll do me.”

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